"I started climbing when I was 6. I came here with my mum. I liked to climb trees and stuff and then I came here and started to climb. This is the 5th time I'm doing Blokfest."

What are your favourite subjects at school?

"I like DT and Arts because they're nice and creative, and I like PE for sports".

Do you have an idea of what you'd like to do when you're older?

"I'd like to be a professional climber... Or do movies."

  • kathy delf says...

    Nicely done, Clay. Very cool. I’m clapping my hands. xx Granny

    On 15 Mar, 2017

  • Barbara Corbett says...

    Nice interview, Clay!
    What is DT?
    I love the photo!
    xx Grammie

    On 13 Mar, 2017

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